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If a team would like to fundraise for support from individuals, companies, or any other entities, there is nothing that would restrict teams from doing their own independent fundraising

Finding Sponsors

Though hosting a fundraiser for your Destination Imagination team is a great way to cover costs for your journey to Global Finals, another key fundraising opportunity is to reach out to local businesses for sponsorships.

Sponsorships not only help your team cover event costs, but are also a marketing investment for any companies that are sponsoring your team. We have put together this comprehensive guide to help teams plan their sponsorship efforts:

A Guide to Team Fundraising (click to download)

To help your team make a compelling case, we’ve put together a few resources:

Team Fundraising Letter Template
Team Support Prospectus Presentation

These resources are editable and will help your team convey what Destination Imagination is all about, the skills your team has learned, and what your Challenge solution entails. Once you’ve downloaded these resources, meet as a team to collect and discuss your ideas and priorities, as well as to customize and complete your sponsorship presentation. Then it’s time to show them your awesome presentation skills so they can invest in your future!

If your team is looking for additional fundraising activities and ideas, check out our 10 Ways to Fundraise for Global Finals blog post.

Working with Funds Raised

  • The team is encouraged collect funds directly from their supporters first and then make payments to Destination Imagination, Inc. (DII) to cover any registration fees.
  • If DII receives funds directly from a team supporter, the Team Number for the team the funds are intended for should be clearly indicated.
  • If the Team Number is not clearly indicated, DII will treat the funds as an unrestricted donation to the organization and process it as such. The funds will not be applied to a team’s Global Finals registration.

Using DI's EIN

A team cannot use the DII EIN (Employee Identification Number) for any funds they independently raise, unless that team decides to fundraise on behalf of DII and plans to forward 100% of funds raised to DII for the purpose of making a donation to the organization to be used as part of its annual fundraising program.

A team may not, under any circumstances, set up a bank account using the DII EIN number.


All team registration payments are payable to Destination Imagination, Inc. and will be applied to the team’s account. All payments will be subtracted from the team’s account balance. The primary attending Team Manager can log in and view any payments posted to their account.

All checks can be mailed to:
Destination Imagination
ATTN: Global Finals
1111 S Union Ave
Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

Frequently Asked Questions

I work for a company that allows me to make a donation to an organization that has 501(c)(3) nonprofit status. Can I use my company’s donation policy to cover the cost for a specific team to attend Global Finals?

No. These kinds of workplace donation practices are not eligible to cover the cost of registration for a Destination Imagination team to attend Global Finals 2022. If DII receives a donation from any company, or through a 3rd party on behalf of a company or employee, the total donation amount will automatically be applied to Destination Imagination Inc.’s annual fund.

Can I write off the payment of a team’s registration fee as a donation to Destination Imagination, Inc?

Questions regarding the tax treatment of such payments should be directed to a tax professional.

Can my team set up its own independent fundraising program to raise funds to pay for Global Finals 2022 registration?

Teams are encouraged to engage in independent fundraising. However, DII is only permitted to issue tax acknowledgment letters for donations made directly to DII.