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Step 4

Before May 17

Accept your invitation and register your team

  1. Log in to the Events Area.
  2. Click the gray “Accept/Decline” button for the team you want to accept or decline.
  3. If you have accepted the invitation, you will be able to start registration.
  4. Click the purple “Register” button for the team you want to register.
  5. Go through all tabs to complete the registration for your team.

Check out these 10 Creative Fundraising Ideas For Global Finals 2021. View our Pricing Page for more information on what’s included in the cost. 

By June 7

Update* and Submit Your Team Challenge Solutions

Submitting Your Solution

Teams will submit their Team Challenge Solutions by June 7th.

Solutions will be submitted in the same manner as they were submitted for previous tournaments. All teams will be emailed submission links and instructions when that portion of the tournament is opened.

*Changes and/or revisions to your 2020-21 Team Challenge solution are not required. The decision to revise the solutions is entirely up to your team!


Your Challenge solution will be submitted for scoring and ranking by our Global Finals Appraisers from around the world. Your Team Challenge will be worth 75% of your overall score.


Just like an in-person Global Finals, there will be medals and trophies for teams who place in the top 3 of their Challenge and level. There will be a High Fast Flex Challenge award for each Challenge and level. Special awards will also be given for exceptional Challenge solutions that go above and beyond!

June 8 – June 21

Solve and Submit Your Teams Fast Flex Challenge


All of our Fast Flex Challenges build off of the themes of this season’s Team Challenges. Each Fast Flex Challenge is designed to be solved by teams who solve the Team Challenge of the same type from the 2020-21 season. For example, if your team solved the Technical Challenge this season, you will solve the Technical Fast Flex Challenge for Global Finals 2021. Teams will need to solve their Fast Flex Challenge in two weeks or less, without knowing the Challenge ahead of time. 


Fast Flex Challenge is worth 25% of a team’s overall score in the Global Finals tournament.


The Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Service Learning Fast Flex Challenges each have a $50US budget. The Improvisational Fast Flex Challenge does not have a budget. 


June 8
Teams will receive their Fast Flex Challenge
Fast Flex Challenge Clarification process opens

June 18
Improv teams will receive their Fast Flex Improv Unknowns

June 21
Deadline to submit Fast Flex Challenge solutions

Solutions will be submitted in the same manner as they were submitted for previous tournaments. All teams will be emailed submission links and instructions when that portion of the tournament is opened.

Sneak Peeks

Check out the sneak peeks of our Fast Flex Challenges.

June – July

Pin Trading Pin Pals

No Destination Imagination tournament experience would feel complete without pin trading. You get to see so many different and creative designs, showcase your own, and even make a new friend or two.

For Global Finals 2021, we’re bringing the pin trading magic to you through our Pin Pals Program. Not only will you get to trade pins, but you can make life-long “pin pals” with teams from all around the world!

How Pin Pals Works

Each team that participates in our Pin Pals Program will be matched with one other team to exchange pins through mail. Every effort will be made to match Pin Pals from different states or countries, but this is subject to participation.

Teams should exchange one pin per team member on their Pin Pals team so that everyone has a pin. For example, if your Pin Pals team has 5 team members, you should send 5 pins (one per team member). We will make every effort to match teams that are in the same Challenge level and have the same number of team members, but this is also subject to participation. Pin trades beyond a single person per pin will be made at your own risk.

This program is limited to Global Finals teams.

Pin Pals Timeline

June 22
Team Managers will receive their Pin Pals information on June 22.

July 22
Pin Pals should mail their pins no later than July 22.

May 18–June 7
Registration for the Pin Pals Program will be open from May 18–June 7.

Stay tuned for more details. 

July 22 – 25

Attend Our Virtual Events 

Awards Celebration (July 22–23)

Get ready to celebrate with us and your peers around the globe! At our Awards Celebration, we will award the top-placing teams in each Challenge and level and celebrate our first-ever fully virtual Challenge season. Our interactive Awards Celebration will broadcast twice, once on July 22 and again on July 23.


Season Finale (July 24–25)

The Global Finals 2021 Season Finale will be the perfect capstone to your team’s journey this past year. Special guests will join us to reflect on this season, and we’ll preview what’s in store for the next season of DI. The Season Finale will broadcast twice, once on July 24 and again on July 25.

All events will be available for viewing on-demand after the second interactive broadcast.