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How It Works

Registration is now closed.

For Global Finals 2020, you will work with your Destination Imagination teammates, friends, or family members online to participate in several different Challenge Experiences:

  • All-new Virtual Team Challenge
  • 3 all-new Virtual Instant Challenges
  • Team Challenge Showcase* for your team’s solution to any of the Team Challenges from the 2019-20 Challenge season (with multiple options for submitting your solution, none of which require your team to meet in person!)

The cost to participate in the Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament is $199 per team. Your team may participate in as many or as few of these Challenge Experiences as you choose.

*Note: The Team Challenge Showcase is for teams that participated in the 2019-20 DI Challenge season only. Team Challenge Showcase submissions for solutions to 2019-20 Team Challenges will not be scored. Teams will receive feedback comments from Appraisers and may be eligible for special awards but will not be ranked.

CLICK HERE for Registration & Pricing information.

All Challenges and submission instructions will be delivered to registered teams via email. Below is the information you should know prior to registering:

Event Timeline

  • April 15: Registration opens
  • April 15: 2019-20 Team Challenge Showcase submission opens
  • May 1: Virtual Team Challenge emailed to all registered teams (teams that register after May 1 will receive the Virtual Team Challenge upon registration)
  • June 1: Registration deadline
  • June 15: Submission deadline for 2019-20 Team Challenge Showcase and Virtual Team Challenge
  • June 16: First Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline June 18 at 11:59pm PDT)
  • June 24: Second Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline June 26 at 11:59pm PDT)
  • June 29: Third Virtual Instant Challenge emailed to all registered teams (submission deadline July 1 at 11:59pm PDT)
  • July 16: Virtual Closing Celebration

Registration Numbers

  • The Registration Number allows one team of two to seven team members to participate in Global Finals 2020. The team does not need to be affiliated with a school or group.
  • Your team must use your Registration Number for all parts of Global Finals 2020, even if your team participated in the 2019-20 Challenge season and already holds a valid Team Number.
  • All team members are required to have a parent or guardian sign the Waiver and Media Release forms via Docusign. Teams will not receive the Challenge details or be able to submit solutions until these forms are complete for all team members.

Team Formation

  • Your team may recruit up to seven team members. Only those seven team members are allowed to work on the Team Challenge and Instant Challenge solutions.
  • Your team may compete with fewer than seven team members, but in order to be able to compete as a team, there must be at least two team members participating.
  • A person cannot be a team member on two different teams for Global Finals 2020. Doing this will result in the disqualification of both teams. Both teams may still participate but will not be scored.
  • For questions regarding team formation, please email [email protected].

Team Manager

  • Your team must have at least one Team Manager who is 18 years of age or older. An adult team member may serve as the Team Manager for the Friends and Family Level.
  • Your Team Manager is required to provide a valid email address on all submission forms. All communication regarding Global Finals 2020 will be sent to that email address.

Competition Levels

  • There are two ways for teams to present their solutions for Global Finals 2020: competitively and noncompetitively.
  • There are three competitive levels for Global Finals 2020: Elementary (EL), Middle (ML), and Secondary (SL). Your team will compete against other teams in your competition level. There is also one noncompetitive level: Friends and Family Level (FF).
  • Your team may have team members of all ages, but the level at which your team must compete will be determined by the participant in the highest grade level (U.S.) or by the participant who is oldest. Each team may independently determine whether its competition level is decided by grade (U.S.) or date of birth. It is important for your team to determine in which level you will be competing before you begin working on your Global Finals 2020 solutions. When you submit your forms for Global Finals 2020, you will declare your competition level, and this level may not be changed.
  • When choosing to determine competition level by date of birth, use the chart below.
Elementary Level (EL) No student born before June 15, 2008
Middle Level (ML) No student born before June 15, 2005
Secondary Level (SL) No student born before June 15, 2001
Friends and Family (FF) No restrictions, everyone is welcome!
  • When choosing to determine competition level by grade (U.S.), use the chart below. If you do not see your Affiliate listed in this chart and/or you have questions about determining your competition level by grade (U.S.), please contact [email protected].

Friends and Family Level for Noncompetitive Teams

  • Your team may choose to participate in Global Finals 2020 as a noncompetitive team in the Friends and Family Level.
  • Teams that participated in the 2019-20 Rising Stars Challenge are encouraged to participate in the Friends and Family Level for Global Finals 2020.
  • A team of 2-7 team members is recommended.
  • There are no restrictions on team formation for the Friends and Family Level. These teams may include family, friends, alumni, university students, other adults and/or students of any age who wish to participate noncompetitively.
  • Friends and Family Level teams will receive feedback comments on your Virtual Team Challenge and/or Virtual Instant Challenge solutions but will not be scored.

Options for Team Challenge Showcase Submission

Your team may choose one of the following three options to share your solution to a 2019-20 Team Challenge:

  • Option 1: A video of your complete Team Challenge solution. Your team may provide a previously recorded video of your team’s solution or a new version of your Presentation that has been recorded through a virtual platform. The video must be no longer than 9 minutes.
  • Option 2: Video and/or audio clips of portions of your Team Challenge solution or explanations of your solution. Clips may be explanations of your solution, highlights of elements your team created, dramatic readings of your script, explanations of your team’s process in creating your solution, etc. The total time of all video and/or audio clips together must be no longer than 9 minutes.
  • Option 3: Team Challenge documentation in PDF or image format. Your team may submit up to 5 documents. These documents may include scripts, photos of your solution, written explanations of your solution, diagrams of your technical device(s), planning documents, etc.

Have other questions? Check out our FAQ page.