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Introducing Fast Flex Challenges!

In lieu of our traditional Instant Challenges, we’re offering an EXCLUSIVE experience to our Global Finals 2021 teams. Think your DI journey is over? It’s not! Teams can show off their creative, quick-thinking skills with our brand-new Fast Flex Challenges that build off of this season’s Team Challenge themes. Flex your creative muscles and solve the Challenge in two weeks or less.

Fast Flex Clarifications

All Fast Flex Clarifications are closed.


All of our Fast Flex Challenges build off of the themes of this season’s Team Challenges. Each Fast Flex Challenge is designed to be solved by teams who solve the Team Challenge of the same type from the 2020-21 season. For example, if your team solved the Technical Challenge this season, you will solve the Technical Fast Flex Challenge for Global Finals 2021. 

Teams will need to solve their Fast Flex Challenge in two weeks or less, without knowing the Challenge ahead of time. 


Fast Flex Challenge is worth 25% of a team’s overall score in the Global Finals tournament.


The Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Service Learning Fast Flex Challenges each have a $50US budget. The Improvisational Fast Flex Challenge does not have a budget. 


June 8
Teams will receive their Fast Flex Challenge
Fast Flex Challenge Clarification process opens

June 15
Fast Flex Challenge Clarifications close

June 18
Improv teams will receive their Fast Flex Improv Unknowns

June 21
Deadline to submit Fast Flex Challenge solutions

Sneak Peeks

Though Fast Flex Challenges are kept confidential until their release, you can get a sneak peek below!


Grab your team and head back into a world of video game fun with the Technical Fast Flex Challenge!


Art and architecture go together like the sun and the moon. Now it’s time to explore other perfect pairings in the Engineering Fast Flex Challenge!


You’ve explored what happens when a Scientific Law breaks. Now it’s time to put science to the test in the Scientific Fast Flex Challenge!


Now that you’ve honed your musical skills, your team will have a chance to let your inner musicians shine in the Fine Arts Fast Flex Challenge!


It’s time for your next case in the Improvisational Fast Flex Challenge! Will you solve the mystery, or will this be the one that got away?


Roll out the red carpet and enhance your marketing skills as you and your team solve the Service Learning Fast Flex Challenge.