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Who can participate in Global Finals 2021?

Teams that qualify for Global Finals 2021 in their Affiliate will be certified and be the first invited to register. But don’t get discouraged! Pending availability in each Team Challenge and level, we will invite even more teams to participate in this year’s event.

Below is a timeline of events when spaces for Global Finals 2021 will be available to eligible teams.

Tuesday, April 13
Qualifying teams will be notified via email and invited to register.

Friday, April 30
Pending availability, additional teams will be invited to register.

Monday, May 17
Team registration closes.

How much does it cost to participate?

The Global Finals registration fee for one team costs $749. (For a team of 5 students, that’s $150 per student for this DI learning experience.)

What’s included in the registration fee?

Global Finals 2021 will be an extraordinarily creative and fun learning experience and will include many components that we know and love from our in-person event. Teams participating in Global Finals will:

  • Compete in Team Challenge and a brand-new, exclusive Fast Flex Challenge.
  • Be ranked with teams from around the world.
  • Watch Team Challenge Presentations on-demand.
  • Pin trade! That’s right, we’re taking pin trading to the internet.
  • Celebrate their truly unique DI journey this past year during our Closing Celebration broadcast.

When does registration for Global Finals take place?

Below is a timeline of events when spaces for Global Finals 2021 will be available to eligible teams.

Tuesday, April 13
Qualifying teams will be notified via email and invited to register.

Friday, April 30
Pending availability, additional teams will be invited to register.

Monday, May 17
Team registration closes.

When does Global Finals 2021 take place?

Teams will participate in the Challenge submission process during June and July. Our interactive Awards Celebration will broadcast twice, once on July 22 at 8PM ET and again on July 23 at 9AM ET. The Season Finale will broadcast twice, once on July 24 at 8PM ET and again on July 25 at 9AM ET.

Should my team gather in person to create our submissions?

Destination Imagination (DI) encourages your team to follow your area’s health guidelines and practice social distancing as you create and record your solutions for Global Finals 2021. In order to ensure your safety and the safety of others, DI recommends that your team finds ways to limit in-person meetings. These ways may include phone calls, email, virtual chats and messaging, and video conferencing, all with parental knowledge and access. Teams meeting virtually should be supervised by parents and/or Team Managers. For both Team Challenge and Fast Flex Challenge solutions, there are no restrictions on how your team may gather to record your solution or how many team members may appear together in a single video feed.

Will my team’s Challenge submissions be scored?

Yes! Your team has worked so hard this past year on your Team Challenge solution and our Appraisers cannot wait to see it!

What technology is required to participate in the Team Challenge and Fast Flex Challenge?

Your team may use any method(s) to record, edit, and/or combine segments to create your team’s video solutions. Acceptable methods include, but are not limited to, using a video conferencing platform and/or recording segments of the solution independently using a camera, phone, or other device and editing the video segments together. All solutions must be uploaded to a YouTube account held by an adult. All submissions must be entered into the Resource Area of In order to create, upload, and submit your solution, your team will need a reliable internet connection and a computer, phone, tablet, or other device.

What do I do if I am having technical issues with my video conferencing platform, recording device, and/or YouTube upload?

Destination Imagination, Inc. is not affiliated with any specific platform or recording device. We encourage your team to contact the technical support team for the platform or device directly.

How will you regulate Interference?

Only team members may contribute ideas and create the team’s solutions. Help from non-team members, including Team Managers, is called Interference. All teams must complete the Declaration of Independence section in the Prep Checklist for each Challenge submission in order to be scored for the Team Challenge and Fast Flex Challenge portions of Global Finals 2021. The Declaration of Independence is a team’s sworn statement regarding Interference and their Team Challenge and Fast Flex Challenge solutions. Interference rules are enforced to keep a level playing field for all participants—in other words, to make sure every team receives every point they have earned—no more, no less.

Conducting a tournament in a virtual environment does not change how we regulate Interference. As always, our Appraisers trust that teams signed the Declaration of Independence honestly and that they made good choices regarding Interference and their Challenge solutions. If it becomes clear that was not the case, Appraisers and other tournament officials will deduct points for Interference. Deductions will be given whether the Interference was intentional or not.

Can Rising Stars and University Level teams participate?

University Level teams are welcome to participate since they are competitive teams. Rising Stars teams will not be able to take part in the Team Challenges or Fast Flex Challenges. However, they are welcome to register to be part of the celebration and participate in all other events and activities.

Can international teams participate?

Yes! We welcome our qualifying teams from all around the globe. If your team is submitting video and/or audio in a language other than English, please provide a transcript of your submission translated into English. All written documents must be provided in English.

Are there awards?

Absolutely! Just like an in-person Global Finals, there will be medals and trophies for teams who place in the top 3 of their Challenge and level. There will be a High Fast Flex Challenge award for each Challenge and level. Special awards will also be given for exceptional Challenge solutions that go above and beyond!

Why was the decision made to cancel an in-person Global Finals?

There remain many complexities and liabilities in planning an event for thousands of participants. At the heart of our participant base is students. In the absence of a vaccine for children 16 and under, we did not feel that holding an in-person event would be in the best interest of the safety of our students. Additionally, we wanted to include as many teams from around the world as possible. Holding a virtual event is the best way for us to connect with our international peers. After the year we have been through, celebrating our achievements of creativity together is important for our community!

Will there be pin trading?


Pin Trading Pin Pals

No Destination Imagination tournament experience would feel complete without pin trading. You get to see so many different and creative designs, showcase your own, and even make a new friend or two.

For Global Finals 2021, we’re bringing the pin trading magic to you through our Pin Pals Program. Not only will you get to trade pins, but you can make life-long “pin pals” with teams from all around the world!

How Pin Pals Works

Each team that participates in our Pin Pals Program will be matched with one other team to exchange pins through mail. Every effort will be made to match Pin Pals from different states or countries, but this is subject to participation.

Teams should exchange one pin per team member on their Pin Pals team so that everyone has a pin. For example, if your Pin Pals team has 5 team members, you should send 5 pins (one per team member). We will make every effort to match teams that are in the same Challenge level and have the same number of team members, but this is also subject to participation. Pin trades beyond a single person per pin will be made at your own risk.

This program is limited to Global Finals teams.


Pin Pals Timeline

June 22
Team Managers will receive their Pin Pals information on June 22.

July 22
Pin Pals should mail their pins no later than July 22.

May 18–June 7
Registration for the Pin Pals Program will be open from May 18–June 7.

What materials can my team use to solve the Fast Flex Challenges?

The Technical, Scientific, Fine Arts, Engineering, and Service Learning Fast Flex Challenges each have a $50US budget. The Improvisational Fast Flex Challenge does not have a budget. With the exception of the Improvisational Fast Flex Challenge, as long as your team follows all rules outlined in the Global Finals 2021 Virtual Tournament Rules, which will be released to registered teams at a later date, there are no restrictions on the materials your team may use to solve your Fast Flex Challenge. Unlike Instant Challenge during the 2020-21 season, there are no tables of materials from which your team must choose.

How much time should my team expect to spend on the Fast Flex Challenge solution?

Your team will have up to 2 weeks to solve the Fast Flex Challenge. After the Fast Flex Challenge is released, your team may use as much time as you wish to understand, plan, solve, record, and edit your Fast Flex Challenge Video Presentation, as long as the deadline is met.

Do all of our team members have to participate in the Fast Flex Challenge?

There is no requirement that all team members who contributed to your 2020-21 Team Challenge solution also participate in the Fast Flex Challenge. A minimum of two team members must participate in the Fast Flex Challenge. Your team must not add any team members for Global Finals 2021.

Can my team revise and/or update our 2020-21 Team Challenge solution for Global Finals 2021?

There is nothing that would prohibit your team from making revisions and/or updates to your 2020-21 Team Challenge solution for Global Finals 2021. Changes and/or revisions to your 2020-21 Team Challenge solution are not required. So, this decision is entirely up to your team!

When can I order Global Finals 2021 souvenir shirts and pins?

Global Finals 2021 souvenirs will be available to order online starting May 26.