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Who can participate in Global Finals 2020?

Global Finals 2020 is open to EVERYONE!

Teams that participated in this season of Destination Imagination will have the opportunity to share all of their hard work from the season and receive feedback in a noncompetitive Team Challenge Showcase. All teams will also be able to participate in a brand-new Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenges, designed specifically for Global Finals 2020.

The three competitive levels for Global Finals 2020 are Elementary (EL), Middle (ML), and Secondary (SL). Your team will compete against other teams in your competition level. There is also one noncompetitive level: Friends and Family Level (FF), which is open to family, friends, alumni, university students, Rising Stars teams, and other adults and/or students of any age.

Visit the How It Works page for more information.

How much does it cost to participate?

A Registration Number for one team costs $199. Your Global Finals 2020 Registration Number allows your team to participate in several different Challenge Experiences.

Visit the Registration & Pricing page for more information.

Is Global Finals 2020 registration open now?

No. Registration closed on June 1, 2020 to allow participating teams adequate time to create and submit their solutions prior to the June 15 deadline.

When does Global Finals 2020 take place?

The Global Finals 2020 Virtual Tournament does not coincide with the original dates (May 20-23) of the in-person event in Kansas City, Missouri. The submission timeline is spread out over the summer.

Visit the Schedule page for more information.

Should my team gather in person to create our submissions?

No. Destination Imagination, Inc. encourages your team to meet virtually and does NOT recommend that your team try to meet in person to participate in Global Finals 2020. Your Team Manager may help your team set up team virtual meetings.

Are there awards and prizes?

Absolutely! Prizes include free Team Numbers for the 2020-21 Challenge season AND free passes to Global Finals 2021 in Kansas City, Missouri!

Visit the Awards & Prizes page for more information.

Why are the 2019-20 Team Challenges not being scored?

Initially, Destination Imagination looked into moving the 2019-20 Team Challenges to a scored virtual tournament. Unfortunately, this plan required teams to be able to meet in person to follow a standard set of tournament procedures. Given the progression of COVID-19 and the stay-at-home guidance in many of our Affiliates, Destination Imagination felt it would be socially irresponsible to implement a solution that asked teams to violate social distancing. However, we still want teams to be able to share their hard work and feel a sense of closure on the 2019-20 Challenge season. Since there was no way to score the wide variety of video submission types fairly, DI made the difficult decision to move the 2019-20 Team Challenges to a showcase format so we could celebrate solutions while still maintaining the health and safety of our participants, volunteers, and their families. Our Feedback Appraisers look forward to reviewing all of the incredible solutions!

In addition to the Team Challenge Showcase, we are offering a brand-new Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenges—designed specifically for this unique Global Finals event—to give teams a chance to compete for awards and prizes. This solution creates a level playing field and allows ALL teams to participate in Global Finals 2020, safely and securely.

What technology is required to participate in the Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenges?

Your team will need to use one or more video conferencing platforms to participate in the Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenges. You may use any video conferencing platform to create your solution and any video recording or editing software to put together your video submissions. In order to use these platforms, you will need a reliable internet connection and a computer, phone, tablet, or other device to record.

What do I do if I am having technical issues with my video conferencing platform?

Destination Imagination, Inc. is not affiliated with any of the conferencing platforms recommended. We encourage your team to contact the conferencing platform helpline directly for any technical support.

How does Instant Challenge work?

During Global Finals 2020, your team will have the opportunity to participate in up to 3 Virtual Instant Challenges. Virtual Instant Challenges are secret until the day they are released, so your team will not know anything about the specific Virtual Instant Challenges you will be asked to solve until the Virtual Instant Challenges are emailed to your team. After each Virtual Instant Challenge is emailed to you, your team will have up to 2 days to solve the Virtual Instant Challenge via a video conferencing platform of your choice.

How will you regulate Interference?

Only team members may contribute ideas and create the team’s solutions. Help from non-team members, including Team Managers, is called Interference. All teams must fill out, sign, and submit the Declaration of Independence form in order to be scored for the Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenge portions of Global Finals 2020. The Declaration of Independence is a team’s sworn statement regarding Interference and their Virtual Team Challenge and Virtual Instant Challenge solutions. Interference rules are enforced to keep a level playing field for all participants—in other words, to make sure every team receives every point they have earned—no more, no less.

Conducting a tournament in a virtual environment does not change how we regulate Interference. As always, our Appraisers trust that teams signed the Declaration of Independence honestly, and that they made good choices regarding Interference and their Challenge solutions. If it becomes clear that was not the case, Appraisers and other tournament officials will deduct points for Interference. Deductions will be given whether the Interference was intentional or not.

Can one individual student participate?

No. The Global Finals Registration Number allows one team of 2-7 team members to participate. However, the team does not need to be affiliated with a school or group, and teams in the Friends and Family Level may be family units consisting of any and all ages.

Can Rising Stars and University Level teams participate?

Yes! We welcome Rising Stars and University Level teams to participate in the Friends and Family Level of the Team Challenge Showcase, Virtual Team Challenge, and Virtual Instant Challenges. The Friends and Family Level is noncompetitive.

Can international teams participate?

Yes! If your team is submitting video and/or audio in a language other than English, please provide a transcript of your submission translated into English. All written documents must be provided in English.

Why is the price $199 per team?

The $199 price point was chosen in order to make the experience accessible to as many teams as possible. Although this event will take place 100% online, it is not without costs for us to produce. We believe that parents and teams will see the value in multiple new Challenge experiences, which can help keep kids occupied, engaged with their friends, and learning over the course of 8 weeks when they’ll likely be at home.

Why can’t you just postpone the in-person Global Finals?

Planning an event of this size takes a full year and involves many different people and businesses. Because of the complexity of such an event, it is impossible for us to move it to a later date. It’s not that we didn’t want to postpone or that we didn’t try; it’s that we do not have that option.

What do I do with my pins and t-shirts?

Most Affiliates are saving their 2020 pins and shirts for use next year, so hold on to any that you’ve already purchased. Check with your Affiliate Director for more details about their plan for 2020 pins and shirts.