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Global Finals 2018

Sponsor a Team at Global Finals 2018

Thank You For Your Support

Thank you for your support of Destination Imagination (DI) and the exceptional journey each of our teams has made this season. Your donation makes all the difference to the team you are sponsoring, allowing them to perform at Global Finals—the largest celebration of student creativity in the world. In addition to competing at Global Finals, teams will meet DI participants from around the world and engage in a range of activities that continue to challenge their creativity and imaginations and extend their knowledge.

Click here to download our Fundraising Template for Global Finals Teams.

View Team Donations

All donations are payable to Destination Imagination, Inc. and will be applied to the team’s account. Donations will be subtracted from the team’s account balance. The primary attending Team Manager can log in and view any donations posted to their account.

Track Your Donations

Destination Imagination Global Finals team donations that are received at Destination Imagination, Inc. (DII) corporate headquarters in Cherry Hill, N.J. can only be applied to housing and registration fees for the team. Please track your donations carefully to ensure that you don’t send more donation money than needed to cover your team’s housing and registration fees. Due to Destination Imagination’s 501(c)(3) nonprofit status, the IRS rules state that any donations that exceed the total amount needed to cover a team’s housing and registration fees cannot be returned to the team. For example – if a team’s invoice balance is $6000.00 and the total donation received (applied) by DI on behalf of that team is $6200.00, Destination Imagination, Inc. must retain the amount of the donations in excess of those expenses (i.e. $200) and apply them to DI’s overall mission. However, payments made individually by the team can be refunded when donations do not exceed the team’s balance for housing and registration. For example – if a team paid the entire balance of $5000 and received a donation totaling $2000; DIHQ will issue a $2000 refund check. The refund check will be payable to the specific person or school (depends on who made the most payments). Please note that Destination Imagination, Inc. reviews all incoming Global Finals checks to determine whether they are donations for a team’s Global Finals housing or registration or payments from a parent or guardian. Individuals and corporations are responsible for their own tax returns, and ultimately, the IRS, who will review and determine if the donation is tax-deductible.

Additional IRS Rules and Regulations

• A Team cannot use the DII EIN number for any donations that they keep rather than forwarding them to DII for application to a team’s registration and housing.  They cannot advise a donor that the donation they are keeping is tax deductible since the team is not a 501c3. • A Team cannot, under any circumstances, set up a bank account using the DII EIN number.

Make a Donation

To make a donation to a specific DI team, mail a check payable to Destination Imagination, Inc. to:

Destination Imagination, Inc. Attn: GF Donation Dept. 1111 South Union Avenue Cherry Hill, NJ 08002

**Please make sure the Team Number is included with all donation checks so funds can be properly attributed to team charges. 

Destination Imagination is a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization; donations are tax-deductible. Our tax ID number is 22-2415554. Please notify your tax advisor if you have questions about your donation.

W-9 Form

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