Safety & Health

Security Tips

Safety & Security

Nothing is more important than the safety of your team and the participants at Global Finals. Please review the following safety and security tips with your team and supporters who are attending the event:

  • There are specific measures in place to help keep every Global Finals participant safe and secure. The most important security measure involves the Event Passes you will be given when you arrive. These Event Passes and wristbands are required at every event location and function, and they must be worn at all Presentation Sites, recreation areas and special events. Event Passes and wristbands are also required for access to housing areas, meal areas, pin trading locations and entry to the shuttle system.
  • Competitors, Team Managers and supporters must wear Event Credentials while participating in any Global Finals event and while inside any event venue, including residence halls, hotels, cafeterias, Challenge Presentation Sites, recreational facilities and all major events.
  • You should always lock your room door, even for quick trips down the hall. Never allow anyone you do not know to enter your room. You can call the front desk of your residence hall or hotel to confirm the identity of anyone at your door who claims to be staff.
  • You should familiarize yourself with blue light emergency stations located around the campus. These stations can be used to summon police.
  • You should report any suspicious person or activity to the nearest law enforcement officer, or call UT Police at 865-974-3114.
  • Use pedestrian crosswalks and always observe traffic signals and police directions. Do not jaywalk.
  • We suggest that you discourage team members from traveling alone. It is always better to travel in groups, especially at night.
  • You should always dial 911 if you have an emergency. If an emergency occurs in your residence hall or hotel, please notify the front desk immediately after calling 911.
  • Uniformed officers will be present at Challenge venues to ensure site security, as well as special events to search packages and check Event Credentials.
  • Be sure to complete your On-Site Event Contact Form, including wireless phone numbers of those attending the event with your group. This will assist us in locating adults with your group should a problem arise.
  • In the event of an emergency at Global Finals, all Team Managers registered in the emergency system will receive a phone call or text message. Team Managers sign up by entering their phone numbers online when registering their teams. We suggest that you sign up with the phone number you will use on-site at Global Finals. Please note that signing up for this alert system is free of charge, but wireless carriers may charge users a fee to receive text messages.

Health Services

The Aquatic Center first aid station will have a Paramedic and EMT to assist with medical needs from 4:30 PM to midnight on Tuesday and from 8:30 AM to midnight from Wednesday through Saturday. Basic consultation and simple care is available to participants at no charge. More advanced care may result in charges to the recipient. The UT Medical Center, or another hospital of choice, will provide after-hours care and perform procedures unavailable on campus.

Local Medical Facilities

  • University of Tennessee Medical Center: 1924 Alcoa Highway, 865-305-9000
  • Fort Sanders Regional Medical Center: 1901 Clinch Avenue, 865-541-1111
  • Children’s Hospital: 2018 Clinch Avenue, 865-541-8000
  • Walgreens Drug Stores: 1725 Cumberland Avenue, 865-525-2918 4001 or Chapman Highway, 865-573-0081 (24-hour pharmacy)
  • Lakeway Urgent Care University Commons: 2461 University Commons Way, 865-673-6603