On-Site Registration

Your First Stop

On-Site Registration

Once you reach campus, your first stop will be TRECS for Registration and Orientation. Only one Team Manager or adult representative from each team will be allowed to enter the Registration Area. The team, parents, supporters and siblings are asked to remain outside, where they can take part in the entertainment, relax a little bit, or join in on the pin trading fun. A valid government photo ID will be required to begin the on-site registration process. University of Tennessee staff will be available for directions and general information. This is also where you should go if you need replacement Event Passes, wristbands, etc.

Upon leaving registration, you should have:

  • Parking information, a housing assignment, and instructions on where to get keys
  • A cafeteria location and wristbands
  • Event Passes to get you, your team, supporters and spectators into all events
  • Tour and field trip information, and maps on where to find everything
  • A packet containing Global Finals information and seating tickets for Welcome Ceremony and Closing Celebration
  • Challenge-specific information from your International Challenge Masters
  • Information on when and where you are being picked up if you purchased an Airport Transfer
  • Information on your prop storage location and answers to your prop shipment questions

GF18 On-Site Registration Hours