Meal Plan Info

Hours & Locations

Locations & Hours

All participants are assigned to a specific dining hall for breakfast and dinner each day. Final dining hall assignments are provided at registration. Please use your assigned cafeteria for breakfast and dinner. Please refer to the information you receive at registration for assigned breakfast and dinner locations. Lunches will be outdoor picnic type meals featuring a traditional BBQ style meal each day.

Outdoor Lunch Locations

  • Tuesday – Saturday: 11:30 AM – 2:00 PM
  • World’s Fair Park
  • Presidential Courtyard
  • Circle Park


Color-coded wristbands will be distributed at Registration and must be worn and shown in order to gain access to assigned cafeterias.

Special Dietary Info

Special dietary concerns can be accommodated with advance notice. Be sure to specify your team’s dietary needs on the “Special Requests” tab in the online registration system. In order to help you decide whether your team needs special accommodations, here is some information on available food choices:

  • There are vegetarian options at all meals.
  • All of our meal outlets are completely nut free. There are no foods with nuts or cooked in peanut oil that are offered.
  • There are gluten-free options at every campus location. If you are staying in one of the hotels on the UT housing and meal plan, please alert the conference center staff at the door for specific concerns. There will be vegetarian options on the buffet line but other dietary restrictions may be available from the kitchen. We have arranged for these items to be available upon request.
  • At outdoor lunch locations, line #1 or the line to the far left will be the line that has the specific vegetarian items, gluten-free items, and a list of every ingredient in the lunch food.
  • At every UT meal location, there are staff members that can help with other specific dietary needs. These individuals will introduce you to the food service employees that can help with specific concerns.